How to Connect Your Apple TV to a Computer Monitor: A Step-by-Step Guide

How to Connect Your Apple TV to a Computer Monitor

If you own both a computer monitor and an Apple TV, you might be curious about whether you can use the monitor to see content from your Apple TV.

The excellent thing is that it is doable and also quite easy to execute. In this post, you will learn how to connect your apple tv to a computer monitor in some simple and easy steps.

Important to note: For Apple TV to function, your computer monitor has to be HDCP compatible.

HDCP stands for High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. It is a kind of digital copy protection created to prevent any efforts to copy or steal digital audio and video material sent over an HDMI cable.

If an HDMI port is HDCP-protected, it will have printed words “HDCP 1.4” or “HDCP 2.2” adjacent to or beneath the port.

A large percentage of modern streaming gadgets are HDCP protected. Your streaming gadget might be unable to connect to your output device if the ports you are utilizing do not also support HDCP.

In that case, you will not be able to stream anything to your device.

Like the majority of gadgets, Apple TV is also HDCP-protected. So, in order to connect your Apple TV to your computer monitor, the monitor must be HDCP compliant.

If you try to connect an Apple TV to a computer monitor that is not HDCP protected then the most possible situation that you will face is that your monitor is giving an error message in the display as it will not be able to read the Apple TV.

Some monitors may occasionally be able to recognize the Apple TV and even give users access to the Home Page of an application.

Nevertheless, as soon as you choose an element or attempt to play some content, all that appears on the display is an “error” warning or code.

How to Connect Your Apple TV to a Computer Monitor

What you require:

  1. An Apple TV
  2. Internet connection
  3. HDCP-protected monitor with an HDMI or DVI input.
  4. If a computer monitor only has DVI input then it will require an HDMI to DVI converter too.
  5. An HDMI cable (make sure it’s long enough to reach from the Apple TV to the monitor)

How To Connect Your Apple TV To A Computer Monitor?

These are the steps that you have to take to connect your Apple TV to a computer monitor:

  1. Using an HDMI cable connect the Apple TV to your computer monitor.
  2. Now connect both the devices to the power source and power them on.
  3. Once your Apple TV and computer monitor are powered on, you’ll need to connect your Apple TV to Wi-Fi. To accomplish this, choose “Network” from the settings menu on your Apple TV. Next, choose your WiFi network and type your WiFi password.
  4. When your Apple TV is finally connected to the internet you can start setting it up.
  5. Now you simply need to follow the on-screen instructions and will need to enter your Apple ID and pin when requested.
  6. After setting up your Apple TV, you can watch any content you choose.
  7. Connect your Apple TV to the speakers using an optical connection for sound.

Suggestions for Optimal Performance

  • An excellent quality, sufficiently long HDMI cable should be used to connect your Apple TV to your computer monitor.
  • Your Apple TV’s screen resolution should be adjusted according to that of your computer monitor.
  • Make sure your computer monitor has integrated speakers if you’re having sound problems, or connect external speakers to the monitor if it doesn’t.

Troubleshooting Tips

Here are a few troubleshooting tips to assist you in fixing any issues you may have when connecting your Apple TV to your computer monitor:

  • Confirm that all of the cables are connected properly.
  • Verify that your computer monitor is set to the correct HDMI input.
  • Restart your Apple TV.
  • Restart your computer monitor.
  • Change the HDMI cable and try with another.

Why you should use Apple TV with a computer monitor

As now, you have learned how to connect your Apple TV to a computer monitor so now we will discuss why you should use it.

  • If you have a big monitor at your workstation and work from home, you might also use the Apple TV when you are simply sitting at your desk without any work to do. Streaming experience using an Apple TV will be much more comfortable.
  • Apple TV is a flexible alternative for users of both Mac and Windows since it can be effectively used as a computer monitor for both systems.


  • A few older computers might not work with Apple TV or might need extra hardware in order to connect. Additionally, some software programs might not be prepared for viewing on a TV screen, resulting in scaled-down or distorted pictures.
  • The possibility of input lag or display lag is one of the main drawbacks of utilizing an Apple TV as a computer monitor. This is particularly apparent when using the TV for activities that demand precise input, such as video editing or gaming.


I think now you have learned how to connect your Apple TV to a computer monitor.

This article provides you with all the necessary steps to make the connection properly and also tells you the advantages and the disadvantages. So now the choice is yours.


Is it possible to connect an Apple TV to a computer monitor without an HDMI port?

Yes, using an HDMI to VGA converter, you can link your Apple TV to a computer display without an HDMI port.

Can I connect multiple Apple TVs to one computer monitor?

Yes, by employing an HDMI splitter you can link numerous Apple TVs to a single computer display. However, bear in mind that the number of Apple TVs connected may have an impact on the visual quality.

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