8 Fascinating Ideas on What to Do with Old Computer Monitors

What to Do with Old Computer Monitors

Whenever we buy a new monitor we always face a dilemma on what to do with old computer monitors that we have now. As most of the time, we remain busy with other things in life so we don’t give that much time to this thought.

What we often do is throw our old computer monitor into the trash or just keep it in our store room to get dirt and dust. And if someone just totally wants to get rid of it they just sell it.

But the thing is that there are many other ways by which you can utilize your old computer monitor. If you can utilize your old monitor in a better way then why would you sell it at a dart cheap price?

In this article, we are going to give you 8 fascinating ideas on what to do with old computer monitors that you have to make your life easy.

What to Do with Old Computer Monitors?

Idea No 1: Digital Art Gallery

Use your old computer monitor as digital art gallery

Creating a digital art gallery out of an old computer monitor is an excellent way to reuse outdated equipment while also giving your home decor an individual look. In order to do that you have to connect your old monitor to a media player or mini-PC.

One option for displaying digital art is to use a digital art frame. You may set up these frames to show a slideshow of your favorite photos by connecting them to a computer or media player. Some picture frames even have built-in motion sensors that enable them to turn on when people enter the room and off when they depart.

If you’re feeling crafty, you could even use an old computer display to make your own DIY digital art frame. To accomplish this, you must take the monitor out of its protective case and mount it to a frame or stand. Then you may use it to show off your preferred digital art by connecting it to a computer or media player.

When using an old computer monitor as a digital art gallery, it’s important to consider the placement of the monitor. You should decide on a spot where the monitor can be seen clearly and won’t interfere with other decorative elements. To make the graphics pop, you might also want to think about adding a backlight behind the display.

Idea No 2: DIY Arcade Machine

Turning an old computer display into a DIY arcade machine is a fun and innovative project that may provide hours of gaming amusement in your house.

Making a DIY arcade machine starts with selecting your gaming platform. You may run multiple kinds of classic arcade game emulators, like MAME or RetroPie, on an old PC or a Raspberry Pi.

To create an arcade machine, you’ll need to build a cabinet to hold the monitor, controls, and gaming platform. Once you’ve built the cabinet you’ll need to install arcade controls. These could consist of buttons, joystick controllers, and other input devices.

After the arcade controls have been installed, the monitor needs to be connected to your gaming system. Depending on the kind of monitor you’re using, you can usually achieve this using an HDMI or VGA cable.

Finally, you can give your arcade machine some final touches like special lighting or graphics.

Idea No 3: Secondary Display

Use old monitor as secondary display

Using an old computer monitor as a secondary display has several advantages like improved productivity, improved organization, more screen real estate, more accessibility options, etc.

This is really very helpful for graphic designers, gamers, or multi-taskers who need a lot of screen space for their work.

For connecting your old computer monitor to your current computer first, you’ve to check whether they are compatible with each other or not.

Once the compatibility is confirmed, you’ll need to connect the old computer monitor to your computer/laptop by using either VGA, DVI, or HDMI cable, depending on the ports available on your computer and monitor.

After connecting the monitor, you must adjust your computer’s display settings to make the secondary monitor accessible.

After you’ve set up your computer to detect the secondary monitor, the display settings can be changed to improve your viewing experience. This could entail changing the monitor’s brightness, angle, or resolution.

Idea No 4: Digital Whiteboard

For individuals searching for a whiteboard for personal or commercial use, turning an old computer monitor into a digital whiteboard can be a practical and environmentally beneficial alternative. In comparison to a typical whiteboard, a digital whiteboard is far more versatile and adaptable because it enables you to write, draw, and store your notes and drawings electronically.

You’ll require a stylus and a software program like Microsoft Whiteboard, Ziteboard, and AweSun that enables you to draw on the screen.

To make sure the pen or stylus is precisely following your movements on the screen, adjust the screen.

But while using your old computer monitor as a digital whiteboard there are a few things that you should keep in your mind:

Screen Resolution: Your notes and sketches may not be as clear since an older monitor’s resolution may not be as high as that of a newer one.

Compatibility of Pen or Stylus: Confirm that the pen or stylus you utilize is appropriate for your computer or laptop as well as the digital whiteboard program.

Screen Size: The digital whiteboard’s usefulness may be impacted by the screen’s size, particularly if one needs to write or draw a lot of material.

All things considered, turning an old computer monitor into a digital whiteboard can be an excellent way to save money, lessen electrical waste, and yet have a flexible and adaptable tool for writing, sketching, and teamwork.

Idea No 5: Home Security Dashboard

Use your old computer monitor as home security dashboard

If you have a home security system then you can connect your old computer monitor to it and can use it as your home security dashboard.

Simply use an HDMI or VGA connection to connect your old monitor to the CCTV system, then change your display configuration to view the video feeds.

Using your old computer monitor for the home security dashboard is a very cost-effective solution as it totally eliminates the cost of a new monitor.

Furthermore, by developing a customized security dashboard you can modify features and settings to meet your particular requirements for home security.

Idea No 6: Wall-Mounted Calendar

Using an old computer monitor as a wall-mounted calendar is a cost-effective and innovative solution.

To do this as first select a monitor and mount it on the wall according to your preferred height. Then connect the monitor to your PC/laptop using HDMI or VGA cable.

After this install calendar software on your PC and set up important dates, appointments, and events.

If you want then you can customize the calendar with aesthetic themes that match your home or office décor.

To automate the display, set your computer to automatically switch on and show the calendar.

You can make your home or office look stylish by utilizing your old monitor in this way.

Idea No 7: Smart Mirror

Another distinctive and innovative way to repurpose your old computer monitor is to turn it into a smart mirror.

For doing this, first, select a monitor. Then you’ll require a Raspberry Pi, a two-way mirror film, and a smart mirror software application. Install the film with caution after cleaning the surface.

Then you’ll have to mount the monitor on the wall. If you don’t want it that way then you can also put the monitor on a stand.

Now connect the monitor to your computer or laptop using VGA or HDMI. Then a smart mirror program needs to be installed on your computer. Configure the smart mirror to include the features you want, such as weather, news, reminders, etc.

Make the display automatic by configuring your computer to be turned on and showing the smart mirror. Enjoy a smart mirror that is attractive and practical and improves your daily activities.

Idea No 8: Kitchen Recipe Display

Use old monitor as your kitchen display

You can also use your old monitor as a dedicated display for cooking instructions.

Place the monitor in a convenient place, making sure it is securely far from sources of water and heat.

When you’re cooking, connect it to a tablet, smartphone, or mini-PC to browse and follow recipes. Use voice commands or touch-screen technology to easily access recipes while keeping your hands free for cooking.

Enjoy a handy, accessible recipe display while you’re cooking. If you utilize this idea then it will become easier for you to learn new recipes.


After walking through this article now you know what to do with old computer monitors which you have. You can choose the one that is most suitable for you.

Besides these, you can sell or donate your monitor to someone or any organization but in case of selling, monitors are often sold at a dart cheap price.


Q. Can I recycle my old computer monitor myself?

No, you shouldn’t attempt to recycle your old computer monitor yourself. Instead, send it to a licensed recycler of electronic waste who can disassemble it and properly dispose of the toxic elements.

Q. Is it illegal to throw away an old computer monitor?

It depends on where you live. Laws in certain states and nations forbid the dumping of electronic waste in landfills. Therefore, before discarding your old computer display, it’s important to examine the laws and regulations in your area.

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